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♬♫♪ 薮 宏太♥ 松島聡 ♥ 大野智♬♫♪

Hey! Say! JUMP ❀ ARASHI ❀ Sexy Zone

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A common girl from BALI, a primary teacher who addict about Japanese. Otaku girl of Johnny’s Entertainment. BIG FANS of Hey! Say! JUMP, ARASHI, SEXY ZONE, MAMORU MIYANO. Falling in love with Yabu Kota from Hey! Say! JUMP, hypnotized by Matsushima Sou from Sexy Zone and Mamoru Miyano, captivated by some Johnny’s Jr. (Reo Nagatsuma, Takahashi Kaito, Miyachika Kaito, 6tones, Abe Aran, Miss Snow Man. Recently, I started following GENERATION from EXILE TRIBE , my heart captured by Katayose Ryota’s charm. I do love his smile. Love Panda very much!!!!

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